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Affordable Pavers in Southern CT

For generations, cobblestone, slate, and brick have been the elegant choice for driveway surfaces and walkways. Now these classic looks can be created with StreetPrint® - a patented, revolutionary asphalt texturing system that replicates the appearance of hand-laid pavers but on an asphalt base.

The team at Sullivan Paving Co Inc has the resources and experience to give you all the classic beauty and elegance, without the hefty price tag. Call Sullivan Paving Co Inc today at 860-767-2357 for your FREE estimate.

StreetPrint® Pavers

On the surface, StreetPrint® looks like realistic solid brick or stone but is actually asphalt that has been textured using steel templates, then bonded and sealed with a protective coating system. This protective coating gives pavement added durability and acts as a superior sealant, allowing for easy removal of oil and gas deposits while enabling it to withstand years of normal wear by protecting against UV damage.

Unlike other paving systems, the StreetPrint® system combined with the strength and flexibility of an asphalt base, prevents shifting, weed growth, and damage from snow, ice, and snowplows through its non-porous, continuous surface structure and no-seam design. When comparing StreetPrint® with other paving systems like decorative concrete, interlocking systems or hand-laid stone, you will notice a significant savings!

StreetPrint® delivers the most durable, problem–free decorative paving system on the market. View the Alternative Paving Concepts™ StreetPrint PDF to find out more including StreetPrint® patterns and colors and contact us for a FREE StreetPrint® estimate today!

Advantages of StreetPrint® Pavers

  • Cost-efficient
  • Less prone to frost heaves than concrete
  • Allows for ease of snow removal
  • Decorative options
  • Can be re-layered, unlike concrete
  • Cheaper than concrete
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Smooth and safe
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Quick to install

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